Aluminium profile system for drawers. Production program

· Innovative product - 900 mm wide drawers with high stability

· Versatility. Easy and rapid assembly – perfect for manufacturing

· Aluminium profile side walls with of only 11 mm width – ensures maximum useful storage space

· Great possibilities for individual solutions – offers ideal opportunities for client-specific requirements

· Usability – transformer provides illumination of several drawers.

An idea to create aluminium profile drawer Alumove came to our mind more than 8 years ago. That time we have started distribution of furniture fittings for manufacture of full-sized wardrobes. While offering Bortoluzzi coplanar sliding door mechanisms to our furniture manufacturers, we faced some kind of difficulties. There is no simple high-tech and at the same time elegant solution to ensure stability for a drawer with a width of more than 900 mm and a low level façade. However, when it comes to wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe interior storage planning, these drawers are of high demand. Certainly wide drawers have been manufactured long before but for their reinforcement different side stabilization, back side and bottom reinforcement plates were used. Needless to say that it was not only time consuming but automatically increased labor and material costs as well and inevitably influenced on the final price. Another way to achieve more lateral stability is to apply double-wall drawer sides. It is more versatile due to standard program offered by well-known manufacturers of fitting systems. As a consequence the price for this drawer is rather high, besides the double-wall drawer takes up to 27% of useful storage space.

We present Alumove drawer construction with high stability, manufacturing versatility and ease of assembly. It is ideal for manufacturing (standard solutions) and client-specific solutions as well. Furniture industry experts will appreciate our decision’s technical elegancy.