Everything that surrounds us affects us. Our well-being, our motivation, our performance and ultimately our health depend significantly on the environment we live and work in.”. This a philosophy of a German company Art Aqua.

Art aqua is a special company. It awakes inspiration by its specially designed light objects, water objects, furniture and artistic plant compositions, that enhance and provide a better climate to offices, work areas and public spaces all over the world. Research shows that water and plants in the interior provide a better room climate which is of key importance, especially at the workplace where we spend a most of our time. And it is a well-known fact that if people feel good in their work environment, their motivation and performance will inevitably increase.

The human organism responds to a lack of oxygen with reduced activity, poor concentration and tiredness. Plants may counteract this, since they convert CO2 into oxygen by means of photosynthesis. The green wall countervails the reduction of oxygen in the air and regulates the air humidity in the room naturally which have a beneficial effect on the body and the emotions.

We keep some of Art Aqua design objects in stock. But some kind of elements like green walls are always custom-designed according to the requirements of each client.

Some specimens are displayed in our show room at the address: Leninsky prospect 45, free-standing boutique Art aqua studio.