Domestic vacuum cleaning robots

Science and technology deeply penetrate our lives and invisibly influence day-to-day activities. Today robots are used in environment coexisting with humans and speaking of automatic house cleaning it is no longer a wonder. Modern vacuum cleaning robots make irritating daily chores like cleaning and sweeping a thing of the past. You can go away and leave it working on its own and be sure that on return you will find the floors cleaner and the air fresher than they ever were.

Irobot Roomba and Scooba have a size of a large dinner plate and can easily get to hard-to-reach areas like wall edges and go beneath the furniture while multiple sensors help it maintain the obstacles. In spite of the small size it cleans quite large areas and simultaneously adjusts to various types of floors be it pile, carpet, parquet or laminate. No matter what kind of debris it has to cope with; dust, sand, pollen or pet hair-everything will be finally in the bin. To sum up, the boring work is cut to fine – all you have to do is press the Clean button and empty the bin in the end.

Roomba and Scooba robots are introduced in our boutique shop in Moscow. For more information on peculiarities of each model and technical maintenance, articles, photo and video files visit our website If you have any questions or can’t choose the right model you can always call our product specialist.