All Berbel extractor hoods are developed and produced in Rheine/Westphalia and designed to remove fat, moisture and unpleasant odours from cooking vapours.

The principle of centrifugal force lies in the basis of patented berbel aero performance technology: the air is powerfully accelerated and diverted at two points. Grease particles are effectively separated at precisely these points. Simply flip open, wipe off the film of grease, and everything is clean again. No fat filters which can trap bacteria and germs make these hoods leading products when it comes to hygiene and health.

The company is a winner of a prestigious award of LGA institute as a manufacturer of a premium-class product. Berbel is the first manufacturer which subjected its products to testing by independent experts: Wilhelm-Jost-Institut and HHW association of engineers. Conclusion: cooking hoods and air ducts by Berbel meet the highest security standards including fire safety.

The company works in a close cooperation with the well-known designers such as Stephan Ambrocus.

Thanks to unconventional technological innovation berbel cooker hoods :

· Minimum maintenance due to maximum suction efficiency thanks to centrifugal force and no fat filters.

· Energy saving recirculation mode doesn't allow any warm air to escape from the inside to the outside - is ideal for winter while exhaust mode is recommended for summer.

· The active carbon filter absorbs up to 97% of unpleasant odours

Berbel cooker hoods are manufactured in Germany only.

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