Italian company Bortoluzzi Sistemi – is a designer and manufacturer of unique sliding doors systems with the patented damping mechanism for wardrobes, dressing rooms and kitchen cabinets. Innovative coplanar mechanisms provided by Bortoluzzi Sistemi ensure smooth quiet slipping motion of sliding elements and sustain continuous high-speed loads.

The termin “coplanar” means one-plane position.

Slider is the most popular coplanar mechanism of Bortoluzzi Sistemi. The company offers:

- Slider-S, Slider-S10, Slider-S20 –for light sliding doors with a height up to 1200mm

- Slider-M, Slider-M35– for medium-weight sliding doors with a height up to 2300mm

- Slider-M50, Slider-L70, Slider-L100 – for heavy sliding doors with a height up to 3000mm

Our program includes mechanisms for 2-door wardrobes. Customized orders are possible for 3-doors modifications of Slider-Large (Slider-L70, Slider-L100), Slider-M35, Slider-M50, Slider-L70, Slider-L100 mechanisms within 2 month performance period.

Slider-S20, Slider-M, Slider-M35 mechanisms can be supplied complete with a power pack for automatic door opening and a remote control.

Besides we supply customized orders for Movers – vertical sliding mechanisms for wall cabinets in kitchens and sitting rooms.

In 2014 the company launched their new product –Eclipse mechanism for mini kitchens and kitchen columns for built-in refrigerators. The system saves space by allowing the door once opened to slide back along the outer side of the unit giving access to the content of the cabinet.

Apart from coplanar mechanisms Bortoluzzi Sistemi is also famous for Glow sliding mechanism for non-coplanar wing wardrobes with overlapping sliding doors.

Another product designed by Bortoluzzi Sistemi is Clipper – innovative system for the rapid assembly of aluminium frames and is compatible with Glow and Slider mechanisms. Clipper is suitable for glass, wood, MDF, chip board, plastic panels with a thickness of 4, 8 or 10 mm. Another option is Setting profile for adhesion of glass or mirror design panels with a thickness of 4mm. Finishing options: “opal silver” and “opal black”.

Our web-calculator will help you building a virtual model of a wardrobe, choose required sliding mechanisms and components as well as select a certain quantity of profiles to match the construction. 

Instructions for sliding doors systems::





Slider-M50 2012



Eclipse individual sizes

Eclipse standard mechanisms

Eclipse standard mechanisms, partially assembled