The world’s leading manufacturer of granite sinks for already more than 35 years.

Schock was the first company who in 1979 invented a granite sink made of CRISTALITE® composite material. Throughout the following years and until today leading manufacturers have been producing their granite sinks on the basis of SCHOCK processes.

SCHOCK is the only manufacturer to produce its granite sinks exclusively in Germany. The company places great importance on sustainability of its products and production methods. Production complies with most stringent German environmental and quality standards.

1979. Shock Company starts their first manufacture of granite sinks.

1980. Starting of successful cooperation between Schock and Blanco. Schoсk starts exclusive manufacture of sinks for Blanco from «Silacron» and «Silgranit» materials.

1986. Schock starts manufacturing of sinks and bath tubes from «Corian» for DuPont Company.

1988. Schock introduced new material CRISTALITE® which contains approx. 80% micro-refined quartz particles, the hardest constituent of granite and 20% Acrylic. Such combination of components makes CRISTALITE® even harder than granite itself.

1989/90. CRISTALITE® was patented by Schock Company. Franke Group and Blanco got the license to use CRISTALITE® for manufacture of granite sinks.

2001. Schock ends cooperation with Blanco and starts manufacture of granite sinks under SCHOCK trademark.

2004. SCHOCK Antibac –the hygienic standards. Schock Company became pioneers of granite sinks with natural hygienic protection system Antibac.

2005. A new material CRISTALITE+® — was invented and patented by Schock Company .

2008/09. Introduction of a new material Cristadur® with ultra-fine nanostructure and extremely smooth surface. (new technology patented by Schock).

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